Is ANIMATION Important

Animation is one of trick for telling story to target audience. There are several reasons why animation must be used.

✔ Stand Out among cheaper competitor.

Sometimes brand owners lower their prices because they see competitors putting prices lower than them. One of the things we can do to deal with this is by animation. Animation can increase the price of the services / products we offer, because we believe in the present value of a product seen from the story of the product. And, animation can help to explain the story of the brands that we have and are easier for customers to understand.

✔ Increase attention to our product or services.

Nowadays social media is a platform that can get traffic from the services or products we have, brand owners are competing in updating their feed profiles, so we find it difficult to get attention from our target market. But with animation our content is more interesting and easy to remember by our target audience.

✔ Creative Freedom

When creating an animation, boundary that you face are imagination and some technical things, but if you have a great partner like us, you can make animations as you like to convey the story of your brand to get customers.

Animation is a fun media to communicate our brand clearly and easily understood by customers. When you have desire to make an animation, it is better to ask for help from an experienced agency make the storytelling more suitable to the customer.

IniDia’s Internship Program

When we talk about internships, what do you have in mind?

For us, an internship is a symbiosis of mutualism, where internship members get new skills or at least their skills will improve by helping to do the work in our studio. They got a new skill and the project in the studio becomes lighter. As simple as that.

But what happens in the reality is not that easy.

Approaching the semester break season, vocational high school students and final-year students will begin to be busy looking for internships or Industrial Practices following their respective fields and expertise.

And on that period, starting from email, Instagram Direct Message, to the office Hotline will be filled with applications and questions about internships. Not only that, during the season of internships, we will be visited by groups of students who "beg" to be accepted for internships at IniDia Studio.

Sometimes we think about how special is IniDia Studio that they are so interested in applying to become internship members?

After we have reviewed it, our former internship members seem to be considered several things to intern at IniDia Studio. What are they?

Flashback a few years ago, 2017, the first year we started developing IniDia Studio. At that time, we still needed to learn many things, understand our business and our team, map out our business’s direction, look for relationships, and manage interns ?! Yes, even at that time we were confused about dividing each other's desks, and some people wanted to become interns at IniDia Studio which made us even more confused.

They are teachers at one of the vocational schools in Bali. When we ask them why they were interested in interning at InDia Studio even though our studio was still new at that time, they answered that this internship activity is one of the requirements of the school for vocational school teachers where they are required to have dual skills, there are academic skills and technical skills. Then we ask “what do you want to learn here?” And they were confused and answered, “yes, just a little animation technique”.Well, because we are both confused we decided to provide basic animation material. After that, we just understood that they just need a certificate or a statement that they have participated in internships at IniDia Studio, which is an animation studio.

The internship activity which lasted for three months just passed, we did not feel any benefit for us, the studio, or the internship members themselves.

Furthermore, we were faced with interns, vocational school students with skills that we can conclude did not reach 20%. Honestly, we were quite confused to give them the task. Involve them in the projects we are working on is a BIG NO NO. Let them provide domestic tasks, such as making coffee, photocopying documents, and cleaning the room?

Of course not, they are not applying as an office boy in our studio by the way.

The next story is that we accept final-year students as interns, with the skills they have, they can still be involved in the project. And surely there are other obstacles, ATTITUDE.

Attitude in our opinion, even according to most people, is the most important thing. Apart from that, our concern is on communication. When either one of the team members or interns can't communicate properly, that's where the chaos begins.

Of the many things we have faced in receiving and handling interns, we are a bit traumatized. Honestly, we are insecure enough to accept interns for some time. However, life goes on. In the end, we tried to get rid of all those worries because it was difficult to find new talents around us.

So the conclusion is that interns are just apprentices to fulfill the requirements of their school or agency. It is very rare to find those who are looking for relationships or want to learn new things.

Because we don't want to waste our time or members who are interning at IniDia Studio, finally we try to design an internship program for students and final-year students. In the program, we don't involve them in the project but guide them in mindset, skill, attitude, and communication to generate an initiative project. They come without skills and come home with skills is our goal.

And until now we have implemented the internship program to produce new talents with industrial quality work.

How Animation Start Up Should Determine a Price


Welcome back to IniDia Studio’s blog.

On our journey to build an animation studio, there are many problems that we must face. The hardest is determine a prices. From our experience, determined a price in animation were neither easy nor difficult because animation is really complex.

However, after attended some workshop, class, seminar about bussiness and animation, met creative people, and did some project (obviously), so we classified our animation price based on type of the clients. Each client has a different budget, so we classified 3 types of client : Little Fish, Shark Bait, and Megalodon.

⚓ Little Fish

Mostly project of this type is one class of animation, such as character concept, modeling, animating. In this type we usually became a third party.

⚓ Shark Bait

This type is usually each part of animation production, such as pre-production, production, and post production. For the price is so many kind of that depend on type of the company that give to us.

⚓ The Megalodon

This is the biggest one, for this type the client budget is more than $10.000 and the studio that get the job have many resource to do that. Normally this project like animation movies or animation series.

In Indonesia, there are studios working on this type of project. The creators of the animation world must be familiar with Infinite Studio. This studio located in Batam has been in the world of animation since 1997, and the projects it has done are extraordinary. Besides Infinite Studio, there are also many studios at this level in Indonesia such as B.A.S.E Studio, The Little Giant, and many more.

And, that’s our point of view. If you have another opinion, feel free to share with us.


COVID-19 Message – Dear, our clients, and partners.

As the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic and the virus has now spread to many countries and territories, we want to share that IniDia Studio is doing to support the safety and well-being of the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

IniDia Studio is following all recommendations from the local officials for doing Work From Home. Although it is impacting our daily lives at work at home and it is still too early to fully understand the impact of the virus might have on the current way of life, we want to inform you that we are well prepared and have enough experience in successfully serving clients remotely. We are fully committed to delivering the results you expect.

We are optimistic by working together with you, we can preserve our safety and yours as well. Please take care, stay positive and find some time for having fun and smiling. It is challenging under the current restrictions. However, we are confident we will get through this, together.


Priya Regan Philandersani

Dir of IniDia Studio

Are You Really Need Animation for Your Business

It is undeniable that videos are very much needed in marketing business strategies. From various types of videos, many companies choose to use animated videos in marketing their products and business.

Animated videos are considered more effective in reaching a wider audience by storytelling compared to videos where someone is explaining the advantages of their product over and over again. It's reported that animated videos have around 30% higher engagement rates than live-action.


The uniqueness of the characters and designs featured in the animated videos make them easier to remember and more eye-catching. If prepared carefully from production quality, animated videos can produce advertisements that are unique, different, and truly represent the brand or product being marketed.

In addition to the visuals that are far different, in terms of the production price of animated videos, they are also much cheaper than live-action, which certainly puts more pressure on the company's marketing costs.

So are you more interested in using animated videos?


In producing an animated film the cost and effort incurred are very much. However, if the animated film is not well promoted, then all the investment that spend on producing animated films will be in vain. For this reason, a producer is willing to spend so much money, even more than the cost of producing the animated film itself.

There are 2 groups of marketing types that can be done to promote animated films, that are trade marketing and consumer marketing.

Trade marketing

A type of marketing aimed at theater owners, retailers, co-production partners, and marketing partners. When an animated film is nearing the release date the partners will help to promote the animation film to consumers. There are several types that are classified into trade marketing, such as :

Trade show/Convention

One method that can be tried in trade marketing is to come to an animation event/exhibition. The event was most likely visited by experts and important people in the world of animation. The producers usually open a booth at the event to promote the product and the partners involved. There are also producers who decide not to open a booth but they will send a proposal or a representative for presentations to visitors or potential investors.

Film Festival

Film festivals are a medium of marketing to potential distributors. Especially movie fans who can generate word of mouth publicity. One of the famous film festivals is the Sundance Film Festival. However, the main goal is that can be seen by our production and film executives can be acquired or funded. This is one way for producers to promote to people who have the strength/competency or company to distribute it.


Joining an association is one way to get a contact or interact directly with executives and some creative people. In addition, we can also find out trends from animation, as well as find out what competitors are doing. Contact with professional associations can lead to future agreements, and the presence of the studio at the association is a step so that the studio's name becomes familiar and becomes a potential partner in the future.


Advertising is another way to get distribution partners. Promoting the project that is being done and the achievement of what the studio has done can also strengthen the professionalism of the studio. Inviting partners to screen the film to be launched is also one of the marketing techniques. There are several categories of places to do advertising depending on the target audience, budget and goals of the ad, from advertisements on TV, billboards, advertisements in the area of transportation and social media.

Consumer Marketing

If in trade marketing discusses promotions aimed at potential distributors, potential license holders, and potential investors. So in consumer marketing will discuss promotions carried out directly to the customer.

Promotion in this way is not always done by the studio and the producer, but rather from distributors and licensees. Before discussing this stage of promotion we must know the elements found in consumer marketing.

Personal Interaction

At this stage, the producers and studios usually do a kind of contest, then the winner is invited to tour their studio while working on the film. This makes the customer more curious and enthusiastic. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are one of the studios that have used this method to strengthen the relationship between customers and their brands.


The contrast, in this case, can be interpreted as attractive packaging or, specifically designed retail locations. This is perfect for attracting new customers to gain awareness. How they do it depends on various factors, including promotional objectives, and costs.

Product Placement

Product placement is when a brand is sponsored on an entertainment program, such as an example of a television series that uses Nike shoes or drinks Coca Cola even though the program does not explain anything about food or sports.
In the animation itself, product placement can add a picture of the animation itself. One example is Ford displayed in the Dj fu game. Ford believes its presence in the game is an effective way to deliver interesting marketing messages to the target audience.

Social Media Placement

This one must not be forgotten on this day. Social media has an important role to gain awareness and database from the target market. And can interact directly with customers who will improve personal relationships with prospective customers.

IniDia’s Ways in This Pandemic

It’s more than a month now we doing Work From Home and it feels like we miss our team so much. Doing teamwork online is neither easy nor difficult, but it seems like we enjoy it. So here are some tips to share about our ways to manage our “small team” in this pandemic.

Here we go!

1. Maintain good communication

We all know that good communication is very important, so there is no misunderstanding. At this time, it is important to make ourselves accessible to all team members so they can approach us with any issues they may have.

Besides, get used to sharing about ongoing projects, deadlines, and everything about work to team members. This is good so that all team members are accustomed to communicating, give and receive feedback, and most importantly they feel valued.

2. Building a good relationship

Knowing our team members individually is important. Get to know a bit more about their interest will build a better relationship among all team members. After the video call meeting (work meeting), don’t immediately disconnect it. Take time to discuss things outside of work such as hobbies or current issues can also improve relationships among team members.

3. Manage conflict

All of us really sure we all don’t want conflicts between teams, especially during this pandemic, it is very troublesome to solve conflicts online. Although, the slightest problem should not be ignored so it does not become big. Finish it slowly with a calm mind and the right language and words as appropriate as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

4. Be transparent

Being transparent in this situation is good to develop a feeling of mutual respect among team members. It also makes team members feel more comfortable and happier. And being transparent can minimize conflicts among the team.

So, this is our way. May you share yours?

How We Created Our Squads

The need for animation as a medium in digital marketing has increased considerably since the Covid-19 pandemic began to strike in 2019. We as an animation team in IniDia Studio at that time needed additional squads to work on the animation project that came. But what we face is the difficulty of finding the right squads to help us, especially on working remotely.

Human resources in the animation industry in Bali in our opinion is still difficult to find, if there is, maybe only a handful of them actually have sufficient skills and that too must be fought over with other animation studios. The animation human resources crisis is quite alarming.

Early in 2021, we gave trust to the Balai Diklat Industri Denpasar and in holding animation training (Diklat) to produce animation human resources who are competent and ready to work. Due to the minimal duration of the training, in our opinion, the participants' absorption of the material was not intense.

Then we decided to create the CGNTM Academy Intermediate Program where we chose the best participants (who have animation skills that can be improved, have an interest in animation, and have good communication skill and attitude) during the training for us to retrain intensively by the experienced competent instructor from the IniDia Studio Team.

Of the several classes that have finished, we feel a significant increase in participants.

Therefore, we will provide this CGNTM Academy Intermediate Program in the future to produce more quality human resources that suit the needs of the animation industry.

For Your Reference 5 Popular Animated Commercial

Who said animated videos are only for kids?

Currently, many companies are using commercial animated videos as a marketing strategy. Whether the target is children, parents, students, workers, and whoever you are, animated videos are considered to reach a wide market because they are fun to watch and easily get stuck in the head of the audience.

Some large companies choose to use commercial animated videos to either market their products or simply convey new features of previous products. Here are some popular commercial animated videos that might inspire you to market your business.

McDonald's: McDonald's Mobile App Launch

When launching the mobile app McDonald's chose to use an animated video with characters from the famous movie as its commercial. With a fairly simple animation, McDonald's managed to convey its brand and message clearly.

McDonald's mobile app reportedly successfully reaches seven million downloads within just two years after it is launched because of this animated commercial.

Google: The Google Project Sunroof

Google describes its initiative in making solar power with a fairly short animated video, which is 90 seconds long.

With amazing narrative and animation, Google managed to make it easier for the audience to understand its “The Google Project Sunroof”. And surely this video has been watched by more than 2.9M viewers on YouTube.

Toyota: Stories of Better

Toyota tells their brand story in "Stories for Better" with a stunning stop motion animated video. Utilizing a very complicated yet very beautiful paper form Toyota conveyed its brand to the audience by telling all the vehicles they had built.

Android: Be Together. Not The Same

Android joins the social conversation about bullying by presenting classic game characters, “scissors, rocks, and paper”. There is no Android or phone element in this animated video, but Android has succeeded in building its brand affinity by campaigning against bullying using animated videos that are inspiring and have a heart-warming story.

Dropbox: What is Dropbox? failed to embed.

Dropbox introduces the product and its features prominently using animated videos. Animations with simple visuals and colors but with a very clear narrative, Dropbox has succeeded in making the audience understand what is being conveyed.

Of the five animation video styles above, which one catches your most attention?

Denpasar Festival 2018

Towards the end of the year 2018, Denpasar Festival (Denfest) become an event that always waited by Denpasar’s citizen. The festival holds arround Lapangan Puputan Badung and it always has a different theme every year. Theme for this year is Urban Playground.

Artwork by IniDia Studio

This theme is picked because the concern about kids nowadays who spend their time to gadget more than social interaction. This event lasts for 5 days, from 28 until 31 December 2018. The visitors come to this event expected arround 50.000 person. In this event the visitors can see many booth such as food and beverage, textile, and business incubation. This year on Denpasar Festival, Bank Indonesia presents it’s incubation digital startup for the first time, such as Tattwa Nusantara (VR Experience), Depa Media (Video Production), Si Malu (Trash Management), Lesku (Course App), and IniDia Studio (Animation Studio).

IniDia Studio is a Bank Indonesia (BI) ‘s one of the best incubation startup in Bali. that show the best animation we have made such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Polisi Idaman and Lio & Leya.

Animation Pitch

Have you ever think of how much money was spent on producing an animated films?

Which rich people can spend as much as billions of dollars just for an animated film?

So some directors or someone who wants to make an animated film will pitch to potential partners they want to work with, such as TV stations or other media.

And some things that must be considered before pitching in front of potential investors are:

✔ Good Looking Good attitude

Wear your best, neatest and special clothes you ever have because your first impression is one of the keys to whether your work is chosen by investors or not.

✔ Create a creative slide

Why did it call a creative slide? Because ordinary slides must be boring. In this case includes simple, aesthetic, and authenticity.

✔ Warm-up your face before the show

Do not stammer in pitching, because it will make potential investors doubt about the ideas that you offer.

✔ Use polite language

Of course, this is very useful. If the creative slide is about visuals, then the way to talk is about intelligence.

✔ Don’t forget to talk about business and money

Presenting the IP or film as a business /brand, not just an animation, because every partner must be thinking where their money going and what the benefits they will get.

Basically pitching is a complex thing and very much depends on the character of the person who will be present and also the audience. So the tips above are flexible. Improvisation is also an important thing in pitching because we cannot predict with certainty how it is going forward but never feel inferior to the ideas we will present and keep learning.

And, we know making animation requires a lot of costs. So basically making an animated film does not always have to use funds from ourselves. We can do pitching to find funding that can be obtained from 1 or more companies.

Good luck!

Why You Need Partner(s) to Promote an IP

Developing an IP (or more) for animation studios is not easy. In addition to requiring good quality of human resources, the funds spent were also quite a lot. With so much effort put out, the animation studio doesn't want the IP to be unknown or to no avail. In this case animation studios usually need a partner role to help support their IP.

Actually there are quite a lot of companies that can be targeted to establish cooperation in IP promotion. Such as toy companies, cereals, fast food, to retail companies. Now, in choosing this partner, it would be nice if you choose a partner who has the same target market and obviously the partners who already have a track record of such success. And, it would be better to hold both types of partners together, because the more partners, the more exposure we can get.

Flashback to the 2000s, where many partners worked together to support the same animated film. Each partner will use the advantages of each field they are related to, this is useful to distinguish each partner and compete with their respective competitors - Book publishers, for example, who use books as products offered, differ from clothing companies that produce products that offer clothes. However, at the same time, the more partners we hold together the more things that must be planned together in order to produce benefits for all parties. And the thing to think about is that each partner will get exclusive rights to the IP for a number of periods.

One example of a successful animation studio in choosing a partner in each IP is Disney. Disney usually cooperates with several partners each time doing a new animated / IP film. It certainly seems very useful to assist Disney in helping their films.

For Disney, of course, it's easy to do that. However, for studios that are still developing that are not in accordance with what can be chosen, as long as they choose the appropriate and potential partners according to their respective target markets.