Welcome back to IniDia Studio’s blog.

On our journey to build an animation studio, there are many problems that we must face. The hardest is determine a prices. From our experience, determined a price in animation were neither easy nor difficult because animation is really complex.

However, after attended some workshop, class, seminar about bussiness and animation, met creative people, and did some project (obviously), so we classified our animation price based on type of the clients. Each client has a different budget, so we classified 3 types of client : Little Fish, Shark Bait, and Megalodon.

⚓ Little Fish

Mostly project of this type is one class of animation, such as character concept, modeling, animating. In this type we usually became a third party.

⚓ Shark Bait

This type is usually each part of animation production, such as pre-production, production, and post production. For the price is so many kind of that depend on type of the company that give to us.

⚓ The Megalodon

This is the biggest one, for this type the client budget is more than $10.000 and the studio that get the job have many resource to do that. Normally this project like animation movies or animation series.

In Indonesia, there are studios working on this type of project. The creators of the animation world must be familiar with Infinite Studio. This studio located in Batam has been in the world of animation since 1997, and the projects it has done are extraordinary. Besides Infinite Studio, there are also many studios at this level in Indonesia such as B.A.S.E Studio, The Little Giant, and many more.

And, that’s our point of view. If you have another opinion, feel free to share with us.