Have you ever think of how much money was spent on producing an animated films?

Which rich people can spend as much as billions of dollars just for an animated film?

So some directors or someone who wants to make an animated film will pitch to potential partners they want to work with, such as TV stations or other media.

And some things that must be considered before pitching in front of potential investors are:


✔ Good Looking Good attitude

Wear your best, neatest and special clothes you ever have because your first impression is one of the keys to whether your work is chosen by investors or not.


✔ Create a creative slide

Why did it call a creative slide? Because ordinary slides must be boring. In this case includes simple, aesthetic, and authenticity.


✔ Warm-up your face before the show

Do not stammer in pitching, because it will make potential investors doubt about the ideas that you offer.


✔ Use polite language

Of course, this is very useful. If the creative slide is about visuals, then the way to talk is about intelligence.


✔ Don’t forget to talk about business and money

Presenting the IP or film as a business /brand, not just an animation, because every partner must be thinking where their money going and what the benefits they will get.


Basically pitching is a complex thing and very much depends on the character of the person who will be present and also the audience. So the tips above are flexible. Improvisation is also an important thing in pitching because we cannot predict with certainty how it is going forward but never feel inferior to the ideas we will present and keep learning.

And, we know making animation requires a lot of costs. So basically making an animated film does not always have to use funds from ourselves. We can do pitching to find funding that can be obtained from 1 or more companies.

Good luck!