Who said animated videos are only for kids?

Currently, many companies are using commercial animated videos as a marketing strategy. Whether the target is children, parents, students, workers, and whoever you are, animated videos are considered to reach a wide market because they are fun to watch and easily get stuck in the head of the audience.

Some large companies choose to use commercial animated videos to either market their products or simply convey new features of previous products. Here are some popular commercial animated videos that might inspire you to market your business.


McDonald’s: McDonald’s Mobile App Launch

When launching the mobile app McDonald’s chose to use an animated video with characters from the famous movie as its commercial. With a fairly simple animation, McDonald’s managed to convey its brand and message clearly.

McDonald’s mobile app reportedly successfully reaches seven million downloads within just two years after it is launched because of this animated commercial.


Google: The Google Project Sunroof

Google describes its initiative in making solar power with a fairly short animated video, which is 90 seconds long.

With amazing narrative and animation, Google managed to make it easier for the audience to understand its “The Google Project Sunroof”. And surely this video has been watched by more than 2.9M viewers on YouTube.


Toyota: Stories of Better

Toyota tells their brand story in “Stories for Better” with a stunning stop motion animated video. Utilizing a very complicated yet very beautiful paper form Toyota conveyed its brand to the audience by telling all the vehicles they had built.


Android: Be Together. Not The Same

Android joins the social conversation about bullying by presenting classic game characters, “scissors, rocks, and paper”. There is no Android or phone element in this animated video, but Android has succeeded in building its brand affinity by campaigning against bullying using animated videos that are inspiring and have a heart-warming story.


Dropbox: What is Dropbox?


Dropbox introduces the product and its features prominently using animated videos. Animations with simple visuals and colors but with a very clear narrative, Dropbox has succeeded in making the audience understand what is being conveyed.


Of the five animation video styles above, which one catches your most attention?