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Is ANIMATION Important

Animation is one of trick for telling story to target audience. There…

IniDia’s Internship Program

When we talk about internships, what do you have in mind? For us, an…

How Animation Start Up Should Determine a Price

Hi! Welcome back to IniDia Studio’s blog. On our journey to build an…

COVID-19 Message – Dear, our clients, and partners.

As the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been declared a…

Are You Really Need Animation for Your Business

It is undeniable that videos are very much needed in marketing…


In producing an animated film the cost and effort incurred are very…

IniDia’s Ways in This Pandemic

It’s more than a month now we doing Work From Home and it feels like…

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Goliath Original$325.00

Spire 8-X Red$120.00

Wildcat New $150.00

Coastal Paleo Mug$35.00

Hoppen Stool Clean$450.00

NW-10 Camera

NW-10 Camera$3,500.00